Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beatrix Potter

Well, as much as I enjoy playing with the colors and features of my blog, I am going to stitch at least one strand today. Since my eyes are tired, I'm not going to keep working on the 40ct AH 1810 but rather am going to put a strand into an oldie but goodie, the legendary OOP Beatrix Potter, another Needleprints chart. The sampler was not stitched by Potter but rather was owned by her-- apparently she was either a collector of samplers, benefactor of a Quaker school, or friend of a Quaker schoolgirl. The sampler, now a faded pinky-rust color, was not stitched at the famed Ackworth school but instead is believed to have been stitched at nearby Milverton, where a couple of other "red" (reddish/pinkish is more accurate) samplers were stitched. (One of these is ET-- Eliza Trusted-- another sampler in my 2009 rotation).

Here is Beatrix as of January 1, 2009. She is being stitched on 36ct Creme Edinburgh linen in "Nutwood" (color #64) silk by Dinky Dyes. It's a nice color (although I would probably have been happier with either more contrast or more variegation) and the Dinky Dyes is a nice silk (not as glossy as HDF, but not as tightly twisted, either, so it covers a little bit better).

I started Beatrix way back when the chart first came out, but I quit when my Martha Brady chart fell to pieces because I did not want to damage this chart (it quickly went OOP and was selling in the $100s on E-Bay!). Needleprints re-released this chart as a downloadable .pdf last year so I got that and picked Beatrix up again. (You can join the Yahoo group in the link above and ask there how to get a copy from Jacqueline Holdsworth, the publisher)

I'm working on her with a SAL (also hosted on Blogger). When I posted my WIP pic, someone commented on the way I had skipped around on Beatrix. Sometimes, when I'm not sure if I have a large enough piece of fabric or I'm not sure if I like the fiber/fabric combo, I'll just outline motifs up to the edges so I get an idea of: 1. If the piece is going to fit and/or 2. If I like the way it will look.


Elisabethb said...

Hello Jamie,
I saw your article on the Beatrix Potter SAL where I am too. I am impress by your stitches about Quaker !
Beatrix Potter is my first. By the past I try to stitch it twice time. Now , with this SAL, I think that the third will be the good one ;-)!
Elisabeth from France

Anonymous said...

I love this quaker

Katia from France